Greetings! My name is Ron Ames, owner of R&C Bullets. For eight years I have been providing competition shooters and reloaders with high quality hard cast lead bullets. Located in Klamath Falls, Oregon, my main market has been southern Oregon and northern California. I offer match grade bullets in popular styles and weights. You will find my selection to be inclusive, offering shooters many weights and styles in most handgun calibers and, with your help, the selection will grow in time.  I also offer free delivery to local customers.

I got into bulletcasting because I bought a box of (name brand) swaged lead bullets and was appalled at how much cleanup work I got into after shooting them. I also tried some (name brand) cast bullets but found them too soft and not very accurate. I knew there had to be something better out there. I started reading and learning and eventually purchased a bullet caster and a sizer.

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The price list reflects a 10% discount from our everyday prices because it cost less to do business on the Web.  Another example of doing business smarter to cut cost and saving you money.

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